Distinctive Representation of Atheltes

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Distinctive Athlete Representation
…from a company you can trust

TRUST…the foundation of every successful relationship

Relationship, Honesty and Integrity are our Highest Values
Personalized, attentive, high-quality relationships and service are our driving force. Our success together depends on it. We value you and the important relationships in your life that contribute to your success. This is our promise to you.

“As an athlete you need smart people who you can trust to the core with your business affairs. You will certainly find that in Tim and Kevin. If I were a young athlete looking for professional representation, I wouldn't hesitate in signing with them."

–Gary Player, Grand Slam Golfer

"Quite simply, Tim Smith and Kevin Rynbrandt are good guys. They are honest, hard-working and completely trustworthy." 

–Marc Player, CEO, Gary Player Group


Comprehensive, wide-ranging strategies are essential for an athlete’s success. We create all-encompassing strategies that address both short and long-range goals and objectives within these two critical areas:


You are never just a number…you are a part of the Smith Rynbrandt family. We understand that your chosen sport is your life and your business; and we work hard for you. The peace of mind in knowing that you have an experienced team looking out for your best interests today, tomorrow and 20 years from now allows you to dedicate, focus, practice and execute in your sport of choice. This is our commitment to you.

Thank you for your interest in Smith Rynbrandt, LLC. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and explore the possibilities of creating success together.

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